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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 is ending soon

2012 was a good year hey.
2013 is going to be better! I promise.
I always like to believe the coming ones will be better. I believe it on everything, coming batch of cookies, next restaurant, next boyfriend, next exercise, everything.
See, if this one is the best, for you, then it will stay (to the boyfriend. yea. you hear me.)
The bad thing about this, I always regret buying the last skirt after finding a better one. Darn.

I really don't want 2012 to end.
I mean, I love being 20 but, I don't wanna grow older anymore. I love this!
Love my energy level, love my life, love my man, love my friends, love the lightweight on my shoulder. Love everything! (don't you dare tell me you're pressure kiddo, you have no idea what's coming don't you? now eat your veggies!)
It's just not fun to grow older. I never liked growing old, ever since I know I am, like since 9 years old.
Whatever. No choice? Suck it up, move on, enjoy it.

To enjoy the end of 2012, I celebrate it with shopping and baking (celebrate means console myself with), of course I have to. What's other reason to smile? Other than Pecan beside me, Pooh and Poh bear beside me, holiday season...

I love this colour!
My dear bro send this bag in for me. Bowler... I mean bro... I love you.
It's my birthday present.
Feel so bad for being such an unproductive employee but yet they still love and forgive me.Thank you. I can't tell you how happy and touched I am. I just am.
See, I told you I have THE BEST family.

In the end, the holiday season did not make me much happier.
Nothing goes the way they should.
My waistline went up, and the amount in my account went down down down.
Not happy.

Why won't anybody hire me?!

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