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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays.

My thoughts on my birthday:
Please give all the presents to my parents. When my daddy email me the birthday email, I reply him this
"Congrats daddy!! I've been officially causing trouble to you and mummy for 20 years now, and guess what? there is more to come!!! yay!!"

Ya my poor daddy mummy, and the world basically. I'm so sorry for your lost. My dad always say he grew all those white hair because of me. Maybe not all, but I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for at least 3 of them.
Yet they send me cards. Best parents ever. You know when you look at status or blogs everywhere else, everyone was like their parents are the best, no, mine are the best, for real.

As to the world, I know I have been causing air pollution all the while, by breathing, and using air conditioner, etc. I'm sorry.
Thanks to those who appreciate my birth, I'm so touched. I really am. I'm glad you actually think it's a good thing that I'm born(are you sure?), so thank you! Though I still feel sorry to the world and those who took my shit all the while. Love y'all!!
I've been only causing damage since I was born, nothing productive, yet. Hopefully I can change that one day(?).

So sweet right? My girls. I really love them so much. You have no idea how much I miss them. For 2 years now I haven't seen them. Yet they still bother to send me something. February kay? I'll go see you guys and buy you guys delicious food. Promise.
Anyway, if you need my address let me know. Just kidding. Don't stalk me. I know I'm gorgeous. I SAID I'M JUST KIDDING!

Why won't it rotate? grr.
Made deviled eggs a little bit, just a tiny bit, before my birthday for...early celebration. Don't judge me. This is just the beginning of the "early celebration". Everyone needs appetizer for a proper meal.

Ignore the dirty counter. Just wanna show you how I cut my watermelon. Yea, I eat watermelon, the super out of season fruit in Winter. I made a mess to keep the pretty round. Took me 30 minutes but I conquer this huge watermelon! As big as a microwave door. mm hmm.

 Well, before dessert fruit you have to have main dish. I was lazy so I just casseroled(is that even a word?) Simple, easy, quick, and it won't go wrong. Bacon, onion and egg with hollandaise sauce. Homemade Hollandaise sauce!!! Clap for me.

Favourite favourite favourite month of the year. Three favourite just in case I have a 2nd less favourite month.
December!!! yea. If you're asking me why then we're not friends. Com'on isn't it obvious.
Holidays, food, good food, delicious food, sinful food, baking season, no school, wake up at 12, my birthday, a bunch of birthdays, Christmas, New years, party. I can go on forever if you want me to. Did I mention food? ya.
The only thing I don't like will probably be Winter. yucks. Especially since I live in Canada. grr, yucks.
Who hates getting into a cold car with freezing chairs? And getting out of shower, or simply leaving the warm building, or thinking what to wear, not to look nice but not to make people think you're from 3 centuries ago and still be warm. You know, all those. yea, we are friends. I love ice in drinks, not on the floor where you can fall and die.

Don't tell me about your warm weather being too hot!!! Or -3 degree is cold. I will tie you up and throw you out in my backyard. I'm sure you will tell me I'm pretty in 3 minutes.
Good thing I've learned to become a piece  of blanket since the holiday start so it's all good. we all know where blanket belongs.

Christmas dinner is Gyudon. Cause we have no where to go and we have only each other here so we decide to cook ourselves a light dinner with some amazing AAA beef. Oh yea. Those are good.
Simply thankful to at least have somebody you love so much to be around you when family is not around on days where everybody embrace their families.

The day before this, Pecan actually bring me to this place to have Thai Food. I don't know if he knows I'm crazily home and friend-sick cause of Christmas and craving for Thai food. But it's just so nice of him and I was happy for the rest of the month.
Now this is an actual early celebration, one day before birthday.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any picture of my birthday dinner. It was my landlord trying to celebrate Christmas with us a day earlier and she doesn't know, but it was my birthday so let's just make it my birthday dinner. shh.

Anyhow, we didn't take any picture that day but I did baked a chicken a couple days earlier to "early celebrate" with my hub Pecan alone.
This was in the oven for about 6 hours. Had to prepare this 2 days ahead with all the brine-ing, drying the skin and blanching. Long process but it really does taste amazing. At least we loved it!

매리 크리스마스 자기야
우리가 내년는 고칠해야것 고칠하자
날 더 사랑해줘라
나도 널 많이많이 사랑해니까

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