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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saving Tips

You know boxing day is just around the corner and some website/places already have their boxing sale on and it's just not safe.
It's really the best time to review some saving tips to fight off those situations where you THOUGHT you have to. so that you will save yourself and save burning a hole in your pocket.

you know you walk into that store, type in that website and you're like
"I'm just gonna look, I don't need anything" 

then you saw that dress or that shoes and you're like
"OMG I was looking for that for EVER now and IT IS ON SALEEEE!!" 
"OMG 75% off?! this is crazy!!"

then the next thing is you realize you are paying for it. same thing happens in this store, that store that online store, etc etc.

tomorrow when you wake up you are happy but when you go through your stuff you're like
"shit why did i buy this?!"

then when you check your account and you're like
"Foosh...I'm so screwed, my 5 months savings gone!"

worst is when you really saw this one thing you ACTUALLY want/need 2 days later and you realize you are out of "the paper". you will not be happy. trust me. I know.
don't do that. I warned ya.

Alright. These used to work on me, hopefully it still does.

Number ONE => Go away - first.
Go walk around! or surf around. Leave that product for a couple of hours. you have other stores that you want to go anyway so go there first. If online, go look at other products first.
If you really love it, you will remember to go back to get it, if you don't really love it that much, then you don't need to waste money on it EVEN THOUGH IT'S CHEAP!If you only remembered it when you get home, then you don't love it, trust me, tomorrow you will thank yourself. If you really love it that much, buying it tomorrow when the sales is over, you will still feel worth it. If you feel like the original price don't worth it then it doesn't worth even the discount price. REMEMBER THAT. In fact,  sometimes,  you just need a little time to wake up from that moment where power of discount strike you. when you leave the product for a couple of hours or simply couple of minutes, when you come back and look at it, you will realize you don't really like it. It's not as perfect as when you first saw it. Sometimes, it really is all it takes. So, walk away first.

Number TWO => Take your time to leave the house!
Don't go the earliest, don't go when nobody is buying. Go when everybody is crowding. Human are impatience and this is where it works, when you see the line. This is the moment when you realize if you really love the stuff.
"Do I love it that much that it worth me waiting in that crazy ass line over there? It might take all the time I could use to shop at my favourite store over there..."

Then you know this stuff in my hand, is not that amazing anymore. Also the crowd might really make you feel really uncomfortable that you just want to leave ASAP that you won't even bother go through the entire store and find more things that you "want". You just want to go instead of staying there being part of a can tuna. PLUS you don't have to wake up early. Win-win right?

Number THREE => Go OUT!
This is for online shoppers(me). if you are home, you will just go to those websites with the big SALE word on their homepage and then you're screwed. So just go out, go to friend's house, go to party, go out for meal, even the mall actually. Splurge on meal, go ahead, don't worry, no matter what, it won't be more than what you will spend if you're on the site. Girls, I know you, you are more wise on spending on eating, you won't buy it if it's too expensive. It's  just not the same attitude when it comes to clothes or accessories. Plus, how much can you eat really? Don't stay home, don't say you'll clean your room, or you'll do assignment, or you'll clean the house. Don't lie to yourself. You won't and you know that.
Why I say going to the mall is okay? Well, if you are a online shopper like me, you probably don't like the crowd so you won't enjoy it anyway so, you really won't wanna buy anything cause you can't stand the craziness.

Number FOUR => Don't bring your cards.
Keep it at home. Cards have those power where it gives you the illusion that you're not spending your money right now so it's okay and you get carried away so easily, before you even realized it. Use only cash, and when you're out of it, you're out, and you HAVE to stop. Much more control in how much you're spending too cause you know EXACTLY how much you spend the day. It really helps when you're shopping too. Cause you clearly SEE how much you have and you know if you buy "this" your money is gone so you have to buy only the ones you need. It's basically your budget. No wasting. yay. No mistake. No accidents.
The rule is not to bring it, just leave them at home. Don't say I'm just gonna leave them in my wallet because that is NOT what you gonna do. After all your cash is gone, you will say 
"just using my card on this ONE, just one."

Yea right. More like each and every one after that. Ya. I know you well.

Number FIVE => The hardest way apparently, get a saving freak boyfriend.
This work like a charm to me. Pecan is a saving freak. He will get mad at me if I spend too much so it's pretty scary. And that pressure there, works better than any thing. So I keep him around when I try to shop and bring him to the mall with me. His death glare really helps. Or sometimes he just bullshit about how ugly that shirt looks and I'll wake up from power of discounts. Even though sometimes that shirt is really not that ugly, why would you buy something that your boyfie think it's ugly right? You won't have time to think about his evil plan of saving money so just bring him with you. 
Hardest part is probably to find a guy like that. That I can't help. I'm no love expert. Sorry. It wasn't my choice neither. sigh. (Love ya, Pecan!)

These are just for the people who wants to save but just HAVE to go try looking for something.
sign of you being these people : 
  1. You tell yourself "I'm just joining the crowd just going around, I'm not gonna buy anything."
  2. You actually planned to go to the mall early with your girls but you tell them you won't buy anything.
  3. You go to the websites everyday waiting for the sale to start even though "I am just looking".
  4. You buy a bunch of stuff you don't use numerous boxing day before.
  5. You JUST splurged on Black Friday.
  6. You JUST splurged on Cyber Monday.
  7. You already know who you are.
Anyway, these are just the stuff that works for me and my reminder before THE DAY comes. If you are extreme shopaholic (I'm probably like a medium?) maybe it won't work too. Don't blame it on me if your wallet still burn a hole.

Alright, xoxo, wish us girls luck. Save our wallet!

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