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Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of 2012 & New Years Resolution!

Lets see.

  1. Started Bodyrocking. (Gotta work those abs!)
  2. Started blogging again. (Always love writing)
  3. Officially working for Milktee Clothing now (Free Clothes..not)
  4. Moved into a new homestay with Pecan Sweetie Pie. (Make him breakfast like a wifey)
  5. Actually got to my goals in study! (Don't ask!)
I really wished I got another job here in Canada but I couldn't yet. (Sad face)
So, that's why we have my New Years Resolution.
  1. Get a job!! (Need monayy!)
  2. Get a camera. (Take beautiful pictures yay!)
  3. Get into Asper Business School. (Academic goals always comes after greed, Love it!)
  4. Transfer back to Calgary by the end of the year. (Missing my butt-dies)
  5. Keep blogging. (Don't give up!!)
  6. Lose 10 kg. (Come on, one year!)
  7. Eat more raw, eat less meat.
That's it!
Hopefully I could make it!!

Have a wonderful, blissful New Year ahead!
Happy 2013 and good luck!


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