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Sunday, December 9, 2012


And you thought that was it. you thought nothing more can go wrong in my kitchen. you thought I'm not that idiotic, it can't be possible. WRONG!
It just happened.

It's not like I never studied it before, I went to Chemistry class like everybody else, I should know better, but yet I don't.
It was all nice and perfect too, until I burnt my hand. sigh.

I was in the mood to bake his favourite pie, the infamous Pecan Pie is it.
It's sinful yet absolutely sweet and amazing.
Mr.Pecan always had sweet tooth. He will not admit it to you though. Makes me wonder, what's so bad about sweet tooth? Especially on somebody that doesn't get fat AT ALL. (arrgghh D:)
Anyway, but I know better, he likes sweet stuff but he can't eat too much of it if it's toooo sweet.
That's pretty like me, we have this couple taste (ooohhhhh)
He likes things that's sweet but have something else to balance it out but still sweet.
You'll know what I mean if you try out my Pecan Pie. He absolutely lovessss Pecan Pie, not necessarily mine, in fact I don't even know if he likes mine ><
Anyway, Pecan Pie is sweet and buttery and fragrance because of the toasted nut. Commercially, they put mostly sugar, but my homemade ones, have molasses in there, at least more than what they put in that pecan pie from Superstore (oops lol), oh so good.
Homemade Pecan Pie brings the tastiness to a new level especially if you can get the perfect flaky crust, which is also what makes me lose confidence about my pie, mine wasn't flaky. At least not flaky enough to call it a perfect pie. So sad, but I will keep trying!!

Oh wow, before I realized this just turned into a post about Pecan pie.

Alright let's come back.

So, I JUST got a new 9-inch glass pie plate that makes me absolutely excited to make something out of it. So I did and it was all nice and beautiful, I took my pie out of the oven with a pair of oven gloves and wanted to let it rest.
I mean, I know ideally I should.... and I want that I won't burn my I did...for 3 minutes....then...yea...
It smells too good to resist! Plus, I need to try it before I could hand it to others righttttt? What if it taste like cooked blanket(eww!)? I have to avoid that by trying it, first...stop staring, I'm very serious.
So I have to dig in, so I have to move my pie. At this point, gloves already off. It smells so good that I totally forgot that this is not my previous crappy aluminium pie plate anymore. Idiotic enough I touch the glass to try if it's too hot to handle, I do it all the time, on my METAL baking dish.
Tell me, who doesn't know glass absorb and release heat extremely slow compare to metal? Who doesn't know that means when they finally absorb all the heat they hold on to them for a longgg time? Guess who doesn't? yes me! and of course, my finger kiss the fire and wow, that hurts.
Well, at least now my pie really get to rest a little bit now. sigh.
If you never tried being burnt, oh bless you. don't.
It's the worst.
Even a cook will tell me she'll prefer being cut(like a small cut, not chop off) than being burn.
you know it's bad when a cook said that, they face knifes and fire everyday.
When Pecan come home I tell him he better love me more everyday, well, he should right?! he better...i hope he does......

I should've listen. Eating hot desserts is bad luck, don't you know?
As you can see even attempt to eat hot desserts activate the bad luck.
Lesson learned the hard way. oh well.

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